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Celebrating London's Birds

London is home to a diverse variety of bird species. London is situated within the Carolinian Life Zone, a region containing the most species biodiversity of anywhere in Canada!

Humans and birds have maintained relations in this region since long before it became known as London, Ontario. Today, Londoners celebrate birds as part of our city's identity through the arts, bird watching, bird feeding and the scientific study of birds. This section of the website is dedicated to those celebrations in acknowledging some of the more prominent species that occur in London and their importance to our community. We highlight bird Species at Risk and identify ways that Londoners can help to conserve birds. Click through the drop down menu above or photos below to read profiles for some of London's most beloved bird species.


We want this website to be inclusive of community. What do London's birds mean to you? The public is invited to submit bird-related media (e.g. photographs, videos, stories) to be featured here, on profiles for bird species.

To submit media, or to contribute a species profile not currently found on our website, please get in touch!

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