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Bird Seed Giveaway

Helping community members in need
to enjoy feeding birds safely

Bird feeding is a joyful pastime for many people, and can be a source of cheer and access to nature during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, access to supplies and space for feeding birds is not equitable in London. While some people can afford to set up a bird feeder at home and purchase bags of bird seed from the store, others who would like to feed birds do not have the means. Sometimes, people who enjoy birds may provide foods that make birds sick and in quantities that lead to conflicts, putting people and wildlife at risk.

To promote equitable access to bird feeding and to share education with underserved community members, Bird Friendly London is hosting a new program in December 2022 to give away bags of bird seed for free! This program is being carried out in collaboration with the London Public Library as well as organizations providing direct aid to people experiencing homelessness in the downtown area. Paper bags containing bird seed (around 2 cups) will be made available for the public to pick up starting on
Tuesday January 24, 2023 at select branches of the London Public Library (Cherryhill, Central, Jalna, Crouch, East London) and from Ark Aid Mission on a first-come-first-served basis, while supplies last (limit one per person or household). Each bag contains a card with information about feeding birds safely and with a link to learn more about feeding birds from the Bird Friendly London website.

For more information about this program, please contact us.

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