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Joining Bird Friendly London

We are a community organization made possible by contributions of many people, from all walks of life. Everyone and anyone living in London, Ontario or the surrounding area, including nearby First Nations, is welcome to participate in helping London to be a Bird Friendly City.

Bird Friendly London membership is organized into three tiers. Each tier comprises a vital part of our growing network! All membership is free and there is no contract or other requirements involved! We try to keep things simple and work as a grassroots team of volunteers. 

First, there are core London Bird Team members. These volunteers include representatives from organizations affiliated with Bird Friendly London who meet regularly and work on specific assigned tasks. Core London Bird Team members have voting privileges and generally take on more responsibility and involvement in organizing projects and programs. They may also act as liaisons between the London Bird Team and external groups. Core Bird Team members usually join by invitation, but the Team may also accept applications from individuals and organizations in the community. Please contact us to inquire about joining the core London Bird Team.

Second, there are Community Partners and Special Advisors of the London Bird Team. Community Partners are organizations, clubs or businesses, while Special Advisors are individuals who are joining independently. Community Partners and Special Advisors are not expected to attend regular Bird Team meetings, and will only be called upon to participate as needed. For example, members of this tier may be invited to submit content to the Bird Friendly London blog about a specific topic, to provide advice on organizing an event, or to help get the word out about ongoing programs and public education messages. Community Partners and Special Advisors are always welcome to bring forward ideas and feedback to the Bird Team by attending meetings. We suggest joining as a Community Partner or Special Advisor if you intend to contribute to the work of Bird Friendly London somehow.

In general, the third tier – General Membership is the best option for newcomers and people who support Bird Friendly London but are unable to dedicate time or energy to actively participating. As a general member, you will receive updates from Bird Friendly London and can still participate projects led by the London Bird Team. 

We are always accepting new applications to become a General Member, Community Partner or Special Advisor of Bird Friendly London. No prior experience or qualifications are required – just be interested in birds and nature! Please fill out our application form below to join. If you are having difficulties with filling out the form embedded below or are using a mobile browser, please click here.

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