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Preventing Conflicts with Canada Geese

Information for the general public in London

Image by Mike Benna

As native migratory birds, Canada Geese play vital roles in healthy ecosystems across North America. Awareness and simple actions can prevent human conflicts with one of London's largest and most iconic birds.

About Canada Geese

You can learn more about the life history and biology of the Canada goose, and information about their occurrence in London, by reading their Species Profile. It is important to note that Canada geese and their nests are protected by Federal law, and thus cannot be disturbed or relocated without a permit.


From late March to May each year, Canada geese will defend their nests, surrounding territory and their young. If you encounter a single goose standing or walking around, they are likely standing guard while their mate is nearby at the nest. Please respect a safe distance from the geese and their nests and ensure that dogs remain on a leash at all times. If a goose approaches you, back away as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to intimidate, pet or feed the geese under any circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

Environment and Climate Change Canada provides detailed F.A.Q. on their website regarding Canada geese. Answers to many common questions about managing Canada geese can be found there.

Below you can find some additional resources with information about scenarios involving conflicts with Canada geese, including guidance for pedestrians and property managers.

If you find a Canada goose in London or surrounding area that appears to be injured or sick, please see here for suggestions of what to do.

Relevant Resources

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