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Bird Safe Giveaway

Help make windows safe for birds!

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In general, most windows pose some amount of risk for birds. We recommend prioritizing treating windows that have caused known bird collisions in the past, that are facing or near green space and/or a bird feeder, and are located where you can access the outside of the glass to apply the tape. For taller buildings, windows up to the 4th floor are at higher risk (at or below the height of surrounding trees). Note: for preventing collisions with upper floor windows, try turning your lights out. 


1. Clean the outside of the window first. It is recommended to use window cleaner solution, but you may substitute white vinegar. Let the glass completely dry.

2. See paper with step-by-step directions inside the kit. Apply tape in strips spaced 5 cm apart, then peel off to leave behind a grid of dots.

3. Consider taking a photo and sharing it online afterward! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter with #BirdFriendlyLondon or post in the Bird Friendly London Facebook group or email us. Educating others is a simple way to help more birds.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Will this affect my view through the window?

A: The dots are nearly invisible from inside. Because the scene outside the window is usually brighter than inside, the grey dots blend into the scene. 

Q: My landlord won't let me install these - what can I do?

A: Try sending your landlord this template letter. You can adjust the language to be more specific to your situation. It may help if you make the letter more personal.

Q: What about upper floors, like if I live in an apartment building, or the second floor of a house?

A: Upper floors can be trickier and more expensive to treat than windows on the ground floor. It is very important that bird safe treatments like tape, marker, paint or film must be applied on the outside surface of the window in order to break up the appearance of reflections. Accessing the outer surface could require a tall ladder or other lift equipment. Most handy people who are comfortable working on a ladder could be instructed to treat upper floor windows. The tape option is intended for smaller DIY projects, such as home windows. For larger buildings like apartments that have a lot of glass, a collisions risk assessment and quote of cost of film may be needed to start a conversation with the building owner. Learn more about advocating for bird safe buildings.

Q: What if I don't like it, or need to remove later?

A: The dots can be removed easily using any tool with a sharp, flat edge. It will not leave behind adhesive residue.


Q: What about building maintenance? Can I still wash my windows?

A: The dots do not affect window maintenance. Continue to clean your windows as normal.

Q: I don't like how the dots look. Can I use something else?

A: Absolutely! There are many creative ways to treat windows for bird safety. However, it is important to note that not all window treatment options are equally effective. We recommend whatever treatment you use should comply with a bird safe building design standard like CSA A460:19 or guidance from a reputable source like FLAP Canada or American Bird Conservancy. In general, bird safe visual markers on windows must:

- Be applied on the exterior surface of the window (to break up reflections)

- Be spaced no wider than 5 x 5 cm apart

- Cover the entire window surface edge-to-edge

- Provide strong contrast (standing out) against the background

Did you know? Collisions with glass, especially windows and balcony railings on homes, kill tens of millions of birds in Canada every year. Collisions can be prevented with simple steps! Learn more


While supplies last, Bird Friendly London is distributing FREE rolls of bird safe window tape from Feather Friendly through community partners such as the London Food Bank, Northwest London and South London Neighbourhood Resource Centres and Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre. The materials being used in this program were sponsored by the City of London. We aim to prioritize access to free tape for low-income households. The tape can also be purchased online or from the following local retailers in London:

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