Bird Friendly London is carried out by the London Bird Team. We are a group of motivated members of the public, including representatives from partner organizations, who share a passion for birds and the environment.
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Brendon Samuels

Brendon Samuels is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology at Western University. Working out of the Advanced Facility for Avian Research, Brendon studies the role of avian vision in preventing bird-window collisions. Brendon volunteers with several environmental organizations in London and collaborates with FLAP Canada. Brendon is passionate about conserving biodiversity and wild spaces! On London’s Bird Team, Brendon acts as the coordinator.


Stacey Jaczko

Stacey Jaczko is a director for Nature London. She retired two years ago from a career in pharmacy and has enjoyed spending some of that free time volunteering for Nature London and more recently as a member of the London Bird Team. She is a keen birder and likes to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the natural world around us.


Skylar Franke

As Executive Director of the London Environmental Network, Coves resident and Vice President of the Urban League of London Board, Skylar Franke can most often be found right in the middle of conversations overlapping the environment, the community and politics in this city. On the Bird Team, Skylar helps with communications, events, fund development and community engagement.

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Glenn Berry

Glenn is a life-long photographer who fell in love with birding after he retired from a career in information technology and, for an enjoyable few years, teaching. He connected with the London birding community after moving from Toronto, participating in Osprey nest monitoring and Swift Watch. He looks forward to be an active contributor in his new city.

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Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a Community Partnership Specialist with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. On the Bird Team, Linda helps with promotion, events, fund management and outreach.

Linda likes looking at the world through binoculars to gain a new perspective!


Brian Salt

Brian Salt is the founder and director of Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre. Brian manages a large team of volunteers that provide health care and rehabilitation to sick, wounded or orphaned wildlife in the London region.

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Paul Nicholson

Paul started bird watching in his youth. From 2011 to 2020 he wrote a weekly birding column for the London Free Press and other Postmedia newspapers and he has written about birds for other periodicals. He has taught bird watching courses and has supported birds through volunteer work with organizations such as Nature London and Ontario Field Ornithologists. Paul creates content for the London Bird Team.

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Heather Jensen

Ever since her childhood in Utah, Heather has always been interested in the natural world. She is particularly passionate about connecting communities to their local environment and teaching kids about biology. Heather enjoys learning about new birds and practicing bird calls, especially her Eastern Screech Owl whistle.


Carol Agocs

Carol Agocs is a retired professor with a lifelong interest in birds, and a desire to do what I can to help them to survive in these dangerous times when they face numerous threats. I joined the Bird Friendly working group as a representative of the Friends of Stoney Creek.


Andrea Boyer

Andrea Boyer is a Professor at Fanshawe College and also teaches at Western University. During her PhD and MSc, she studied the effects of changing weather patterns on birds’ physiology and behaviour. Andrea is the current Environmentalist in Residence at the London Public Library working to engage Londoners in environmentally significant issues around the city. She hopes to bring that same level of community engagement to the London Bird Team, in addition to research endeavours for future development of making London a certified bird-friendly city.