Bird-Friendly Buildings in London

Did you know that collisions with building windows are a leading source of bird deaths?

Approximately 25 million birds in Canada and up to 1 billion birds in North America are killed by window collisions each year. There are simple, inexpensive solutions for existing buildings and new construction that can dramatically reduce the risk of collisions for birds. 

Information for Homeowners

Information for Homeowners

In Canada, over 90 percent of bird-window collisions happen at single-family homes. Birds are most likely to collide with windows near green space (bird habitat), and usually collide with windows at or below the height of surrounding trees.

A variety of window retrofit solutions are available for homeowners to reduce the risk of bird-window collisions.

More information about these solutions is available from FLAP Canada.

Feather Friendly DIY Tape (grid of dots) is available to purchase locally in London at:

  • Featherfields Bird and Garden Store

  • Wild Birds Unlimited London

  • Lee Valley Tools

Acopian Birdsavers (curtain of cords) can be created using simple DIY materials or purchased online

Oil-based markers, paint, tape or stickers can be used to add visual markers to the exterior of a window.